March 25, 2015 by Lori

The Art Of Successful Web Design

Boise web design

When planning the web design for any website it is wise to first determine the purpose for which the website is to be built. Naturally, a website that is going to cater to customers will have a different look and feel than one which will be built for a local civic function such as a community orchestra, for example.

There seems to be a penchant for constructing websites with quite a bit of decorative accessories which may or may not be necessary and in many cases that can be very distracting to the ultimate user. For example too much in the way of flash and moving parts can detract from the main objectives of a website.

Ideally the audience which is going to be getting the most use of the site must be considered first and foremost. If a website is to focus on showcasing the goods and services of a business entity, then the ultimate audience should be able to find what it is looking for fairly quickly and without a lot of distraction.

By the same token, a website that is devoted to the mission of showcasing a university, for example would probably be more detailed and descriptive as to the various departments of study and their objectives. It would not be as marketing oriented, but more supportive of its various functions.

Although each website would probably have a different look and design, the goal will be very similar with all well designed sites, which will be to guide the user along a path which makes it easy to find the desired items that are being searched for.

Most well designed websites will be very organized in their structure while at the same time have room for adequate descriptive content in order to give the user enough information in order to leave no doubt as to the function of a section of the site and the site as a whole.

Usually a website will have a “Home Page” that acts much like the cover of a book, which serves as an introduction of what is to be found inside the site itself on subsequent pages. These other pages will hold information about separate and pertinent topics regarding the business or topic around which the website revolves. Good web design will tie everything together with a good linking system where the user can go from page to page in any order that is convenient, and still find the way back to the home page.

search engine friendlyFinally a web site should be constructed so that it is “search engine friendly” or built in such a manner that users can find the site by entering “key words” and “key phrases” into a search engine. This is accomplished by designing the site with a good design of well-thought-out content that will focus on the main topic of what the site is all about.

In conclusion, a well designed website will be attractive, easy to use, and will offer very focused and detailed content that will leave no doubt in the mind of the user of the purpose of the site.


February 12, 2015 by Lori

Top 5 Tips For Improving Search Engine Rankings

Top Tips For Search Engine Rankings

The number one goal of every web designer is to see a site they create make it to the first page of Google and attract as many visitors as possible. However, most designers don`t live up to their dreams and end up being disappointed with their own work. If you`re one of these professionals, you know how terrible it feels when your site doesn’t work as per your expectations.

So what do you do to avoid this disappointment?

Simply read the top tips below carefully and include them in your web design criteria the next time you create a website.

1. Let your visitors know what your site is about as soon as it loads. Every time a visitor comes to your site, they expect to know what it is about quickly and without much effort. If you can`t be in a position to explain about your site to your visitors within a short time, all of them will do the same thing- clicking the back button which means leaving your site.

2. Make your site browser-compatible. After creating your site, the next important thing you should do is making it accessible through many browsers. If you create a site, test it on Internet Explorer, and leave it at that, you`1l be turning your visitors away because not all of them use Internet Explorer as their web browser to access your site. To capture numerous visitors therefore, ensure your web site can be viewed properly in other popular browsers such as Mozilla Firefox.

Music on site3. The rule of using music on your site. When taking your visitors through your site, sometimes it`s necessary to accompany them with some interesting background music. But how do you ensure that you use this trick appropriately? Simply let the visitor be in the control of the PLAY button. This way, your site will be friendly to those visitors who would prefer to be entertained as they navigate through the site as well as those who don`t embrace the idea at all.

4. Avoid overusing flash. As a web professional, you should avoid excessive use of flash by all means. What`s the reason behind this? When you overuse flash on your site, it decreases your visibility on search engines and increases the time your site takes to load. If your site takes too long to load, the visitors will run away from it!

5. STOP using complex URL structures. If you use simple, friendly URL structures that are keyword based, all your visitors will be having a good time accessing your content with little or no effort which is exactly what they want. Likewise, your search engine rankings will soar higher. This is a cool trick to help you reach your site`s goals faster as a web design professional. Making your site friendly to all your visitors while at the same time improving your search engine rankings has never been easier! All you need as a web design professional is to employ the above tips and all your sites will always be at the top of the game!


February 10, 2015 by Lori

Why Your Web Design Really Matters

why web design matters

Many web owners always misunderstand the importance of a good web design to mean one which is pretty, is content stuffed has lots of images and graphics. Even though your site must be attractive to the eye, there are several considerations you have to make to ensure your have the best web design.

Does My Web Design Really Matter? Why?

The design of your website is important in giving visitors a first impression of your site. It should therefore stand out and be easy to recognize so as to make your visitors stay on and read your content.

Web design is also important as it determines the load time of your site. Sites that have heavy designs which are not optimized are likely to take long when loading.

Additionally, your website design will determine its navigation and ease of use. Poorly designed websites have poor navigation and customers find it hard when using it

 The Web Design Process

During any web design process, it is important to take into account a number of factors including the nature of your business and your target market. Your web design team must also design your website while taking into consideration the following;. best landing page for conversation, user experience, Optimized designs, light and fast web design to enable quick loading of webpages.

Web layout is another important aspect of web design that should not be neglected . Web layout is basically how your webpage will look. To create an effective web page, the following elements will have to be incorporated into your design.

Headerweb design layout


Content & sidebar

Headers are crucial as it is where you put the name, logo and motto of your website. On the other hand navigation helps visitors know exactly where they are on your website and assists them access any information they are seeking.

Your web design must be designed with content and sidebar placement in mind. For any web, how you place your content within the design will determine its readability. Sidebars are also important as they give you space to place your widgets and crucial information.

Mobile theme for your website

With more that half of internet users accessing the internet via mobile, it goes without saying that your online business should have a mobile friendly design to help mobile users access your online business.

To get the best custom web design for your website, it is important to select a web design company with a dedicated team of professional experts who have years of experience in web design and development.


February 6, 2015 by Lori

How Ugly Is Your Web Design

msnger web design

Most web designers from a few years ago would have cringed in horror had they been able to see into the future and had a glimpse at what web sites look like these days.

Well there are several reasons for this. For starters web design has become much more of a team effort than it used to be. These days SEO experts (search engine optimizers) play a very key role in web design and what a site will ultimately look like. In fact no serious web design business will fail to have SEO people on their team.

Web sites also have to incorporate experts in harvesting email addresses from those who visit. The idea of building a permission based email list has become extremely important in the success of any web site.

The result is that website these days look a lot the same and as any serious web designer from the old days when designers ruled will be quick to tell you; web sites have become a lot uglier. What with all this pop up and pop under windows to harvest email addresses and ads all over the place. Many would say that you cannot call web design a work of art any more. They will argue that web design has in fact become an exercise in turning a website into a cash machine to generate maximum revenue for the owner of the site. It would seem that sites are no longer judged by how beautiful and presentable they look but by how much traffic they generate and ultimately how much money they make.

User Friendly Websites Rule

Actually web design today has much more to do with how user-friendly the site is. One of the key questions being asked through the entire web design effort these days is how easy is it for visitors to navigate the site and find what they are looking for? Naturally any design on the web that succeeds in making a site and all pages user-friendly is valuable because that way a site will always achieve its’ objectives better and much faster. And if that objective is making money, money will be made.

This emphasis on user-friendliness means that web designers have much less room to play around with and make design decisions. For instance the top left hand corner of a website is prime real estate that always has to be reserved for all the stuff the site cares most about. Research has always shown that the top left hand corner is the first place the eye lands. The result is that in cash-hungry money generating sites that space is always permanently reserved for “ugly” display or text ads that will generate the maximum profit.

And for those web designers who are disgusted the radical changes continue.


February 2, 2015 by Lori

How to Hire the Right Web Design Company


One of the common mistakes businesses and other organization make when choosing a web design firm is going for those who guarantee fast delivery. A company that claims to do it fast does not necessarily mean that they have experience but rather that they are in a hurry to make quick cash. There is a high chance of getting an incomplete site that lacks important content and full of debugging errors. There are important considerations website seekers should take care of if they want to build a site that serves their business/organization needs. Don’t be in a hurry to take your company online because your competitors have but consider the following first;


Don’t choose a web design company that mainly focus on affordability rather than what they can develop. It is important to pay a price that directly relates with the complexity of the site. A responsive site with several features like plugins, multimedia and complex apps cannot be cheap like that with just a static page full of pictures and written content. The more content your site has the more you will pay. Let the company developing your site ask for a price that is similar to that of the competitors with slight increase or decrease.

Access to Support

Access-to-supportHave you come across a situation whereby you did business with a particular firm and after striking a deal with them, you never found them thereafter. It is so disgusting! The firm you hire should guarantee exclusive availability. They should be reachable anytime you need help from them. A good web design firm is that which can be accessed on 24 hour basis no matter the day of the week.

Availability of Credibility Indicators

It is every easy to fall prey to scams especially when looking for products or services online. The web developer you are planing to entrust the task of building your site should be credible. Do they have a valid phone number, address and email just but to mention. The company should be ranked among the top in Google and other search engines.


You should never hire a web company that has just been established. Who knows what they can and what they can’t? They should have a prove of their past jobs in similar works. Which companies have they developed site for them? Do they deal with big brands? If they satisfy that, then you can rely on them.

As a business owner or a person in the marketing team, by observing the above, you will be able to own a site that adds value to your company and thus meeting your set goals.


January 25, 2015 by Lori

The Importance Of Having An Effective Design For Your Website

web banner image

As a businessperson, it is your utmost priority to generate more sales in order to sustain your business. If not, you will see what you have established go down the drain. This is where having a website takes into the picture. You need to have not just any kind of website, but one that is effectively designed in order to generate more revenues for you.

Here are the reasons as to why you should have an effective design when it comes to building a website:

1. Gets attentionbeautiful design image

First things first, it gets the attention of the visitor. When you have achieved that, the next thing would be easy. Always remember the visitor has a few seconds to decide whether to stay on the site or to close it. The goal of every website is to keep the visitor stay longer.

2. Keeps visitor on the site

Even if the website has super cool graphics, and everything it suppose to have to keep it visually stimulating, if you cannot keep a visitor on the site you are in a big trouble. This is the genius of a web designer takes into the picture. How to keep a visitor on the site? It all boils down whether or not the site has the needed information the visitor came in for in the first place.

3. Higher conversion rate

What good a website is if it does not have a higher conversion rate? It is as if the site is good for nothing. It is as if it is just being parked out there in the Internet to rot. This should not be the case. With an effective design you can bypass this and even achieve a higher conversion rate. It is perfect to those who are struggling with their business.

Increase website conversion-rate image

There you have it, three reasons as to why it is important to have an effective design to your website. The next thing you need to do is to look for a company who can deliver this to you. The future of your website and of your business depends on the designer. You want to make sure everything is perfect from the very beginning. Then, eventually you will reap the fruits later on as the months pass by.

If you have any queries or would want us to do a web design for you, simply contact us today!