February 6, 2015 by Lori

How Ugly Is Your Web Design

msnger web design

Most web designers from a few years ago would have cringed in horror had they been able to see into the future and had a glimpse at what web sites look like these days.

Well there are several reasons for this. For starters web design has become much more of a team effort than it used to be. These days SEO experts (search engine optimizers) play a very key role in web design and what a site will ultimately look like. In fact no serious web design business will fail to have SEO people on their team.

Web sites also have to incorporate experts in harvesting email addresses from those who visit. The idea of building a permission based email list has become extremely important in the success of any web site.

The result is that website these days look a lot the same and as any serious web designer from the old days when designers ruled will be quick to tell you; web sites have become a lot uglier. What with all this pop up and pop under windows to harvest email addresses and ads all over the place. Many would say that you cannot call web design a work of art any more. They will argue that web design has in fact become an exercise in turning a website into a cash machine to generate maximum revenue for the owner of the site. It would seem that sites are no longer judged by how beautiful and presentable they look but by how much traffic they generate and ultimately how much money they make.

User Friendly Websites Rule

Actually web design today has much more to do with how user-friendly the site is. One of the key questions being asked through the entire web design effort these days is how easy is it for visitors to navigate the site and find what they are looking for? Naturally any design on the web that succeeds in making a site and all pages user-friendly is valuable because that way a site will always achieve its’ objectives better and much faster. And if that objective is making money, money will be made.

This emphasis on user-friendliness means that web designers have much less room to play around with and make design decisions. For instance the top left hand corner of a website is prime real estate that always has to be reserved for all the stuff the site cares most about. Research has always shown that the top left hand corner is the first place the eye lands. The result is that in cash-hungry money generating sites that space is always permanently reserved for “ugly” display or text ads that will generate the maximum profit.

And for those web designers who are disgusted the radical changes continue.