March 25, 2015 by Lori

The Art Of Successful Web Design

Boise web design

When planning the web design for any website it is wise to first determine the purpose for which the website is to be built. Naturally, a website that is going to cater to customers will have a different look and feel than one which will be built for a local civic function such as a community orchestra, for example.

There seems to be a penchant for constructing websites with quite a bit of decorative accessories which may or may not be necessary and in many cases that can be very distracting to the ultimate user. For example too much in the way of flash and moving parts can detract from the main objectives of a website.

Ideally the audience which is going to be getting the most use of the site must be considered first and foremost. If a website is to focus on showcasing the goods and services of a business entity, then the ultimate audience should be able to find what it is looking for fairly quickly and without a lot of distraction.

By the same token, a website that is devoted to the mission of showcasing a university, for example would probably be more detailed and descriptive as to the various departments of study and their objectives. It would not be as marketing oriented, but more supportive of its various functions.

Although each website would probably have a different look and design, the goal will be very similar with all well designed sites, which will be to guide the user along a path which makes it easy to find the desired items that are being searched for.

Most well designed websites will be very organized in their structure while at the same time have room for adequate descriptive content in order to give the user enough information in order to leave no doubt as to the function of a section of the site and the site as a whole.

Usually a website will have a “Home Page” that acts much like the cover of a book, which serves as an introduction of what is to be found inside the site itself on subsequent pages. These other pages will hold information about separate and pertinent topics regarding the business or topic around which the website revolves. Good web design will tie everything together with a good linking system where the user can go from page to page in any order that is convenient, and still find the way back to the home page.

search engine friendlyFinally a web site should be constructed so that it is “search engine friendly” or built in such a manner that users can find the site by entering “key words” and “key phrases” into a search engine. This is accomplished by designing the site with a good design of well-thought-out content that will focus on the main topic of what the site is all about.

In conclusion, a well designed website will be attractive, easy to use, and will offer very focused and detailed content that will leave no doubt in the mind of the user of the purpose of the site.