February 12, 2015 by Lori

Top 5 Tips For Improving Search Engine Rankings

Top Tips For Search Engine Rankings

The number one goal of every web designer is to see a site they create make it to the first page of Google and attract as many visitors as possible. However, most designers don`t live up to their dreams and end up being disappointed with their own work. If you`re one of these professionals, you know how terrible it feels when your site doesn’t work as per your expectations.

So what do you do to avoid this disappointment?

Simply read the top tips below carefully and include them in your web design criteria the next time you create a website.

1. Let your visitors know what your site is about as soon as it loads. Every time a visitor comes to your site, they expect to know what it is about quickly and without much effort. If you can`t be in a position to explain about your site to your visitors within a short time, all of them will do the same thing- clicking the back button which means leaving your site.

2. Make your site browser-compatible. After creating your site, the next important thing you should do is making it accessible through many browsers. If you create a site, test it on Internet Explorer, and leave it at that, you`1l be turning your visitors away because not all of them use Internet Explorer as their web browser to access your site. To capture numerous visitors therefore, ensure your web site can be viewed properly in other popular browsers such as Mozilla Firefox.

Music on site3. The rule of using music on your site. When taking your visitors through your site, sometimes it`s necessary to accompany them with some interesting background music. But how do you ensure that you use this trick appropriately? Simply let the visitor be in the control of the PLAY button. This way, your site will be friendly to those visitors who would prefer to be entertained as they navigate through the site as well as those who don`t embrace the idea at all.

4. Avoid overusing flash. As a web professional, you should avoid excessive use of flash by all means. What`s the reason behind this? When you overuse flash on your site, it decreases your visibility on search engines and increases the time your site takes to load. If your site takes too long to load, the visitors will run away from it!

5. STOP using complex URL structures. If you use simple, friendly URL structures that are keyword based, all your visitors will be having a good time accessing your content with little or no effort which is exactly what they want. Likewise, your search engine rankings will soar higher. This is a cool trick to help you reach your site`s goals faster as a web design professional. Making your site friendly to all your visitors while at the same time improving your search engine rankings has never been easier! All you need as a web design professional is to employ the above tips and all your sites will always be at the top of the game!