February 10, 2015 by Lori

Why Your Web Design Really Matters

why web design matters

Many web owners always misunderstand the importance of a good web design to mean one which is pretty, is content stuffed has lots of images and graphics. Even though your site must be attractive to the eye, there are several considerations you have to make to ensure your have the best web design.

Does My Web Design Really Matter? Why?

The design of your website is important in giving visitors a first impression of your site. It should therefore stand out and be easy to recognize so as to make your visitors stay on and read your content.

Web design is also important as it determines the load time of your site. Sites that have heavy designs which are not optimized are likely to take long when loading.

Additionally, your website design will determine its navigation and ease of use. Poorly designed websites have poor navigation and customers find it hard when using it

 The Web Design Process

During any web design process, it is important to take into account a number of factors including the nature of your business and your target market. Your web design team must also design your website while taking into consideration the following;. best landing page for conversation, user experience, Optimized designs, light and fast web design to enable quick loading of webpages.

Web layout is another important aspect of web design that should not be neglected . Web layout is basically how your webpage will look. To create an effective web page, the following elements will have to be incorporated into your design.

Headerweb design layout


Content & sidebar

Headers are crucial as it is where you put the name, logo and motto of your website. On the other hand navigation helps visitors know exactly where they are on your website and assists them access any information they are seeking.

Your web design must be designed with content and sidebar placement in mind. For any web, how you place your content within the design will determine its readability. Sidebars are also important as they give you space to place your widgets and crucial information.

Mobile theme for your website

With more that half of internet users accessing the internet via mobile, it goes without saying that your online business should have a mobile friendly design to help mobile users access your online business.

To get the best custom web design for your website, it is important to select a web design company with a dedicated team of professional experts who have years of experience in web design and development.